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Benefits of Doll Play


  • EMPATHY: Allows children to develop empathy and to think about other people and how they might interact with each other.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Helps them rehearse some of the social skills they will need later in life including sharing, cooperation, helping others and problem-solving by assuming roles and shared interactions.

  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Enhances fine motor skills through doll dressing and manipulating playsets.

  • LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT: Supports language development and encourages conversations.

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Helps work through emotions through dramatic play.

  • BONDING: Brings parents and children closer through discussion and reflection.

  • UNIVERSAL: Can be played alone, alongside, or together with others.

  • WORLDVIEW: Helps children learn the different roles people play and how they see themselves in the world.

  • COMFORT: Brings the large world into a manageable size that children can now reshape and have some control over.

  • IMAGINATION: Encourages children to create their own little imaginary worlds giving them a vehicle to pretend to be anything, acting out different adventures.

  • ROLE-PLAYING: Gives children opportunities to try out different roles in a safe environment.

  • NEW: Requires little encouragement for play; open-ended scenarios to be played with again and again in different ways.

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