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Design Class Projects

Design a Party Dress

It's your doll's birthday. Help her celebrate by decorating a plain white party dress with fabric markers and self-adhesives.


Design a Knit Dress from a Glove

Your doll is interested in helping the environment. She wants to reuse and recycle. Help her by making clothes out of gloves. No sew. No glue.


Design a 2-Piece Dress from a Sock

Your doll is meeting with friends for a special day together. Repurpose a sock into a fun, casual two-piece shirt and skirt. No sew. No glue.


Experiment with Color

Your doll is headed for hair and makeup for next week's fashion show. Experiment with color combos using colored pencils and real makeup.


Design a Tote Bag Accessory

Your doll is going on vacation. Make your doll a travel tote bag using household items and washi tape.


Design a Wrap Dress

Your doll is receiving a special award and needs a special dress. Design for your doll a beautiful wrap dress. No sew. No glue. 


Design Matching Masks

Your doll is improving her health and wellness. Help her my making face masks for you and for your doll. 


The Fashion Show 

It's the grand finale. Your doll will walk the runway in an outfit you made during class. Parents are invited to attend.

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