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12 Benefits of Doll Play

12 Benefits of Doll Play

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY, July 17, 2023 -In celebration of the upcoming release (7/21) of the year's most highly anticipated movie, Barbie the Movie, Little Doll Studio, a party and play space dedicated to developmental doll play, reminds us of all the wonderful social and emotional benefits of doll play. Yes, it's fun but there is so much more to it! 

  • Empathy: Allows children to develop empathy and to think about other people and how they might interact with each other.

  • Social Skills: Helps them rehearse some of the social skills they need later in life including sharing, cooperation, helping others, and problem solving by assuming roles and shared interactions.

  • Fine Motor Skills: Enhances fine motor skills through doll dressing and manipulating play sets.

  • Language Development: Supports language development and encourages conversation.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Helps work through emotions through dramatic play.

  • Bonding: Brings parents and children together through discussion and reflection.

  • Universal: Can be played alone, alongside, or together with others.

  • Worldview: Helps children learn the different roles people play and how they see themselves in the world.

  • Comfort: Brings the large world into a manageable size that children can now and reshape and have some control over.

  • Imagination: Encourages children to create their own little imaginary world, giving them a vehicle to be anything, acting out different adventures.

  • Role-Playing: Gives children opportunities to try out different roles in a safe environment.

  • New: Requires little encouragement for play; open-ended scenarios to be played with again and again in different ways.


“Dolls are one of the oldest and most beloved toys in history. The social and emotional benefits of creative, unstructured doll play is integral for child development in an on-demand, digital age. We are so excited to provide a play space where kids can create their own play scenarios and dream fearlessly. We are thrilled that Barbie The Movie will remind viewers of their own childhood memories and the power of pretend play in a fun and thoughtful way.” - Frances Cuomo Perpero, Little Doll Studio.


Little Doll Studio, founded in 2022, offers parties, workshops, and open play in an interactive studio located at 137 North Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY. Little Doll Studio’s mission is to inspire children to dream big through thoughtful crafts and interactive doll play. The studio includes over 30+ unique doll play sets including familiar and aspirational scenes such as a library, doctor’s office, fashion design studio, space lab, coffee shop, school, and beach, as well as over 75 dolls for girls and boys that supports and encourages diversity and inclusion. The studio is a labor of love inspired by the founder’s own memories of dreaming fearlessly through doll play.


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Frances Cuomo Perpero


Little Doll Studio

137 North Park Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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